Dreaming Africa Watercolor Flowers

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Dreaming Africa Vol. 1 is all about vibrant live colors and African romantic, combining modern boho and traditional African elements. This collection is perfect for summer and fall party and wedding stationery, packaging, branding, tribal t-shirt designs end more.

What's inside:

a portrait of an African woman in four variations - with and without jewels and same with paler skin.

5 flower and feather bouquets

2 exotic butterflies

1 gorgeous great snake

4 wreath-like rings with jewels, feathers and flowers

4 feathers

2 strelitzia ( bird of paradise) flowers

2 palm leaves

8 tribal elements in orange and hot pink

20 seamless tribal borders

12 tribal and boho seamless patterns - digital papers with various sizes and PAT file for Photoshop included

Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!


Dreaming Africa Watercolor Flowers

0 ratings