Wool Felt Tool Kit for Photoshop

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Real Wool Felt Kit for Photoshop complete with felt patterns, actions, stitch brushes and styles.

Perfect tools to add felt or stitch text effect, design scrap book pages and elements, applique and even fashion accessories.

We made this big digital felt collection from real merino wool felt and real threads that were scanned at super high resolution. There are 87 colors of felt in the Pattern library, that pretty much cover real felt catalogs in craft shops. 22 decorative stitches allow for countless variations in decorating the felt, but can also be used alone for simulating hand embroidery on paper. 7 styles allow you to add depth and volume - 4 styles for felt+ 3 styles for stitches and finally the fastest time saving 3 Actions that let you create and customize 3 dimensional text effects or illustrations with just few clicks.

We have included a PSD file for you to back engineer - the doll from the second picture and a handy PDF file with basic instructions on how to start using this wonderful tool kit.

The content of this kit was tested to work backwards up to Photoshop CS5, so CS5 to CC20 are covered to work. We see no reason for the tools to not work in earlier versions of Photoshop, but we haven't tested. Scrapbooking can also be done directly in Photoshop Elements 15, where the patterns and brushes work just like in Photoshop. Elements is missing some style options, so styles and actions work partially.

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Wool Felt Tool Kit for Photoshop

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